Aferição a Raio X

Medição a Raio X

Medição de grammatura ou espessura com o uso de fonte Raio X.
O equipamento pode ser utilizada em instalaçao estática para medição de 100% da produção. Também pode ser utilizada como um escanner transversal.

Como representante da empresa dinamarquês Force Tecnology nós fornecemos soluções de inspecção, controle on-line e sistemas de otimização.
Force Technology é amplamente reconhecida pela sua especialização na area de raios-X, ultra-som e emissão Beta.

We supply gauging solutions for inspection, on-line control and optimization, with expertise within X ray, Beta and Ultrasonic measuring solutions.

We offer advanced on-line measurement systems for quality control, optimization, automatic defect detection and product documentation on continuous productions in e.g. the wooden fiberboard and panelboard industry, the pipe industry, plast industries and the insulation idustry.

This scanner and inspection equipment is used for automatic defect detection or to detect foreign elements in the product. Measure the basis weight on-line, control weight distribution or monitor the position of essential parts during production. Achieve real time cross section profile on line and adjust important production parameters instantly.

We offer gauging systems dedicated to on line quality control in various productions. Apart from the following described X ray systems, we offer tailor made solutions for customer specific tasks.


Scanner systems

Cylindrical objects: Dual X ray source and detector set up for full coverage of cylindrical products. Ideal for control and positioning of pipes and tubes in foam insulation. Control the production of tubes and pipes, by monitoring insulation thickness, location of alarm wire in relation to the carrier pipe, thickness and dimension of jacket pipe and insulation density. This system is also very suitable for control of other cylindrical objects.

Flat line production: Single set up of X ray source and detector array. Multiple X ray sources can be used for large detection widths. The static installation ensures full production coverage and requires minimum maintenance. The gauging system is ideal for on line basis weight measurement and detection of foreign objects. Use this X ray measurement equipment in processes using conveyor belts or where product is self-supporting such as thickness control in floating glass production.


Monitor and adjust the distribution of raw material in the production.

Avoid excessive use of raw materials by on line measurement of thickness or weight by gsm. Ensure better product quality and prevent damages to production equipment by detection of stones, metal or other foreign objects in the process. Often these gauging systems can be adapted for closed-loop regulation.

Vertical density distribution: Scanner system with vertical movement, for detection of transversal foam density in for example mattress production. Ensure more homogeneous products and optimize the use of raw material.

SmartRay: The X ray based battery sorting system for sustainability and safety. Avoid human contact with harfull material. Advanced non contact detection system that recognizes and sorts batteries by material composition. The identification system is based on combining the use of X ray and element analyzer (PGNAA - Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis).  Automatically sort used batteries for recycling independent of size and manufacturer.


Gsm measurement


"Coordenação de projetos transnacionais no campo da engenharia"


The X ray equipment we offer is used in many industrial applications such as:
gsm measurement of:

  •     insulation products ( mineral insulation wool, fibreglass and synthetic materials )
  •     PVC foil production
  •     fiberboard ( MDF, HDF, OSB, Particleboard )
  •     mattress foam
  •     aluminium plates
  •     glass in floating glass productions

Cross sectional analysis of:

  •     pipes
  •     pre-insulated pipes
  •     subsea pipes

Fast and automatic inspection of:

  • weld seams on thin plate steel
  • waste (e.g. batteries for separation during recycling)

Detection of foreign particles in:

  •     food
  •     chewing gum
  •     fibre board and panel boards